Car Parking Multiplayer Color Codes: Customize Your Cars

Car Parking Multiplayer has become the most played game around the world. Because they provide more than 170+ cars, giving players wide customization options and the ability to race against real players. The game now has an option to change the color of your car using specific color codes.

Using the Color Codes option in Car Parking Multiplayer, you can customize your car’s paint, rims, callipers, interior and more with any color of your choice. There are many choices of cars, buses, and trucks that you can choose from to upgrade your car to increase your competitive edge over other players. In this discussion, we’ll cover everything you need to know about car parking multiplayer color codes, including where to find them, popular choices, and how to apply them.

What Are Color Codes?

A color code represents a specific color with the # symbol followed by a combination of six characters, which can be the numbers 0-9 and the letters A-F. For example, #1E1E1E means Matte Black.

Using these codes, you can change the color to your liking. Simply enter the color code of your choice and select the corresponding color from the list. This exciting feature provides access to hundreds of colors, allowing for unlimited customization possibilities.

Where to Find Color Codes

Online Color Databases

There are many websites you can find such as ComputerHope and Color-Hex that offer color databases with their corresponding codes.

Online Tools

Tools like Adobe Color let you visually select the colors you want and get their corresponding color codes.

YouTube Videos

You can copy many codes from videos available on YouTube. This is a great way to discover codes that make you cool in the game.

Other Players

You can get multiple codes by chatting with friends and other players. Experienced users often have preferred codes that they are willing to share.

Top 30 Popular Color Codes in Car Parking Multiplayer

In Car Parking Multiplayer, customizing your car’s appearance with specific color codes is a popular way to make your vehicle stand out. Here are the top 30 popular color codes that players often use:

Matte Black: #1E1E1E
Bright Purple: #BF00FF
Neon Blue: #04D9FF
Pearlescent White: #F5F5F5
Army Green: #757131
Sunset Orange: #FF5E00
Hot Pink: #FF0090
Crimson: #DC143C
Orange Red: #FF4500
Blue Violet: #8A2BE2
Gold: #FFD700
Green Yellow: #ADFF2F
Medium Slate Blue: #7B68EE
Light Sea Green: #20B2AA
Light Salmon: #FFA07A
Saddle Brown: #8B4513
Deep Pink: #FF1493
Electric Blue: #00BFFF
Deep Purple: #800080
Forest Green: #228B22
Turquoise: #40E0D0
Chocolate Brown: #8B4513
Burgundy: #800020
Cream: #FFFDD0
Candy Red: #FF1E1E
Lightning Yellow: #FF9900
Millennium Jade: #625A46
Bayside Blue: #002069
Active Red: #880000
Athlete’s Silver: #3E3E3E

How To Change Color Of Car In The Car Parking Multiplayer

Change the color of your car by following a few simple steps in the Car Parking Multiplayer.

  • First, Open the game Car Parking Multiplayer on your device.
  • Go to the garage and check the “Car Upgrade” option.
  • Go to the Upgrade menu and click on “External”.
  • A color palette will appear on your screen. Offering an array of preset colors to choose from or the option to enter your own color code.
  • Select the desired color for your car by tapping on it.